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Scrubbys are made for the crisp connoisseur – a real touch of class sealed in every packet. some might say you can’t add distinction to something that’s been pulled out of the dirt – but we disagree.

Perfect Parsnips, Beautiful Beetroot, Crunchy Carrots, Scrummy Sweet Potatos
Scrubbys Crisps

We take only the finest root vegetables and slice them, gently cook them (in our fancy way using high oleic oil) and then lightly season with sea salt to make our delicious vegetable crisps.
So whether you’re snacking, sharing picnicking or partying – add a little class with our sumptuously sophisticated and versatile vegetables.

The Great British Dip Competition, Facny yourself as a culinary artiste? Win a box of Scrubbys every month Scrubbys

Whether you are a culinary goddess or just master of the make do menu? We’re looking for your inspired dipping recipes to compliment our delicious crisps – whether it’s been whipped up in a minute or handcrafted from hours of experimenting we ‘re inviting you to share it with the nation.